Tremblayslands * FGN S NO4327 3

    Tremblaisland 1615 RMS vii no. 1321 [‘10 merklands of lands of Inverdovat called *Tremblayslands’ (10 mercat. terrarum de Inverdovatt nuncupat. Tremblaisland) in barony of Baledmond FGN (q.v., discussion)]
    Crimbleyislandis 1618 RMS vii no. 1937 [sic, for Trimbleyislandis; see RMS vii, footnote p. 655; the superiority of the lands of Inverdovat, once called *Tremblayslands, belonging to John Lascelles (Lessillis) of Inverdovat]
    Tremblaisland 1627 RMS viii no. 1089 [as in RMS vii no. 1321]
    Crymbleyislandis 1629 Retours (Fife) no. 406 [see Inverdovat FGN]
    olim nuncupat. Tremblislandis 1633 RMS viii no. 2208 [to Alexander Nairn of St Ford, lands of Inverdovat called the Lochflat # and *Braiddale (lie Lochflat et Braddaell), ‘formerly called *Tremblayslands’]
    Tremlieslandis 1633 RMS viii no. 2208 [10 merklands of Inverdovat]
    Tremlayis lands 1643 Retours (Fife) no. 635 [Alexander Nairn; 10 merklands]
    Trinleislands 1670 Retours (Fife) no. 1070

pn Tremblay + Sc land

The personal name Tremblay seems to have given rise to the more common Scottish surname Turnbull (as well as Trimble), for which see Black under both Tremblay and Turnbull, and Barrow 1980, 195–6. In 1281 Robert Tremblay (Roberto Tremblay) witnesses a charter anent an acre of land of Seggie LEU at a full court of Alexander Moray at Newton FGN (St A. Lib. 341–2). Robert may have been in attendance at this court as Alexander’s man, owing him suit there in respect of his tenancy of the land which later became known as Tremblaysland. In 1363 John Moray gave to Henry Leighton (de Lychtona), for his homage and service, ‘a whole carucate of land, with Lochflat # Welflat # and *Braiddale with pertinents, which the late Robert Tremblay held and possessed of the laird of Newton FGN, of the holding of Inverdovat, which lands Cecily Tremblay, heir of the said late Robert Tremblay, gave back to me [John Moray] with rod and staff in the presence of many people at St Fort FGN’ (RMS i no. 186).[239] It was this carucate of land which became known as *Tremblayslands. It was part of Inverdovat, and consisted of Lochflat #, Welflat # and *Braiddale (Sc braid ‘broad’ and dale ‘division of land’). Lochflat is Scots, and describes relatively level land beside a loch or at least land that was flooded for part of the year. This can only be the low land south of Inverdovat farm-house and steading, out of which a tributary of the Scotscraig Burn flows, and where in recent years a pond has been constructed (shown on OS Explorer).

    The Tremblays or Turnbulls were still in the area in 1391 × 1406, since in that period Robert Turnbull (sic) confirmed to Gregory Kingson (Kingissone) ‘certain aikers in the Fluires of Inuerdouat’ (RMS i app. 2 no. 1903 B; see Inverdovat FGN, above, for more details).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4