Ryhinche # FGN S NO439260 3

    terra que dicitur Ryhinche 1288 St A. Lib. 346 [‘the land which is called Ryhinche’ in parish of Forgan in Fife (Forgrund in Fyf)]

? G rìgh + ? G innis or ? Sc rye + ? Sc inch

‘King’s inch’? or ‘inch where rye is or has been grown’? The inch refers either to low land beside water or raised land in a bog or flood-plain, with the Sc word inch a loan-word from the G innis.

    It is mentioned in a memorandum which records that Serlo de Lascelles has given back the land of Ryhinche to St Andrews Priory in a transaction which took place on the land itself in the presence of Prior John and his two associates, William of Dairsie and Thomas of Auchtermuchty, as well as of Serlo and several local witnesses, three of whom are from Inverdovat FGN, and one of whom is from Friarton FGN (see Inverdovat for more details). It is very possible that the land in question is that which Richard de Lascelles gave the priory in the second quarter of the thirteenth century (St A. Lib. 274); see FGN Intro., Medieval Forgan, and Priorinch # FGN (which supplies the NGR) for details.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4