Knock Hill

Knock Hill FGN R NO423254 1 352 85m

    Kno hill 1529 RMS iii no. 822 [common pasture in Swanlie Mire # (Swanlamyr) FGN and Knock Hill for lands of West Plewland of St Fort FGN and Flass (Flashill) FGN in barony of Naughton]
    Knokhill 1597 RMS vi no. 637 [see Friarton FGN]
    Knock Hill 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn [name of hill]

en Knock + Sc hill

The earlier name of this hill was probably G cnoc ‘hill’, to which Sc hill was later added. The forms of 1529 and 1597 both refer to the hill itself, part of the common grazing of surrounding settlements.

    On OS 6 inch 1st end (1855) and 1 inch 2nd edn. (1904) South Friarton is the name attached to OS Pathf. Knockhill House. It was formerly Little Friarton (NO427254), for more details of which see Friarton FGN above. On later OS maps the name South Friarton moves south-east by about 400 metres (NO432251), while on OS Pathf. and OS Explorer (2001) the name South Friarton disappears altogether, though it still applies to the building at NO432251 on OS 1:10,000 digital edition (2007).

    OS Pathf. also has Knockhill Wood, Knockhill Clump and Knockhill House.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4