Cauldhame FGN S NO443261 1 352 20m

    Caldhame alias vocat. terras de Serisland 1529 RMS iii no. 848 [David Crichton ‘Cauldhame otherwise called lands of Sheirsland’, barony of Naughton]
    Cauldyhame c.1560 s Assumption, 14 [teind sheaves of St Andrews Priory leased to David Balfour]
    Caldhame 1563 Laing Chrs. no. 763 [barony of Naughton]
    Caldhame 1615 RMS vii no. 1321 [see Baledmond FGN, discussion]
    Coldhame 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
    Cadum 1775 Ainslie/Fife
    Little Cadum 1775 Ainslie/Fife [north of Cadum]
    Cauldhame 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc cauld + Sc hame

‘Cold home or dwelling’. It is always closely associated with Sheirsland # FGN (q.v.). Sibbald’s list of Fife lands from the year 1517, as printed in Fife Ct. Bk. 397, has Saldhane for *Caldhame (grouped with Wormet and Saintford Hay).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4