Gibbsland # FPC LEU S NO456290 2 5m

    Gib’s Lands of the Ferry 1517 Fife Ct. Bk. 401 [17th c. copy]
    Gibbisland 1592 RMS v no. 2040 [see FPC Intro.]
    Gibisland in Ferrie 1593 RMS v no. 2273 col. 4
    6 acris vocat. Gibbisland 1599 RMS vi no. 840 [to Robert Durie, the town and lands of *South Ferry of Port-on-Craig (South Ferrie de Portincraig), with port, etc. and ‘6 acres called Gibbisland’, with house and tower on the same, and fishings and ‘with the right of the ferryboat’ (cum jure cimbe transportatorie) etc. in the regality of St Andrews]
    Gibbsland 1895 Millar 1895 ii, 273

pn Gibb  + Sc land

‘Gibb’s land’. There would appear to be no record of who Gibb was (Millar 1895 ii, 273). However, in 1521 one David Gibb (Dauid Gyb) appears in an assize in Cupar (Fife Ct. Bk. 223); and in 1563 John Gibb (Gyb) (no place of origin) is accused of adultery (St A. Kirk Session, 154). There was also a *Gibbsdale (‘Gibb’s division or share of land’) mentioned in Auchtermuchty in 1558 (RMS iv no. 1288; see AMY Intro., Lost Minor Names, above).

    The tower or castle on Gibbsland, mentioned in 1592 and 1599, is marked on Gordon MS Fife (1642) as The Castell; and on OS 6 inch 1st edn as The Castle (Antiquity), which provides the above NGR; for more on which, see FPC Intro., From Portincraig to Tayport. This has given rise to the neighbouring street-names Castle Road, Castle Street and Castle Terrace, as well as Castle Wynd, now Back Dykes.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4