Dairsie Mill

Dairsie Mill DAE S NO414157 1 363 10m

    molendino de Deruesin 1178 x 1188 St A. Lib. 44 [‘mill of Dairsie’ built on kirkland of Dairsie]
    (mill of) Deruesyn 1266 St A. Lib. 311
    Milne of Dairsie 1654 RMS x no. 279
    Daersy mill 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife

en Dairsie + Sc miln

Jespersen (under Dairsie Mills) writes that “the oldest mill site was directly below Dairsie Castle. Later, the mill was removed to the present site, the weir being moved 420 m. upstream to give the mill a better head. In the process, however, the Ceres Burn with a large catchment area was thrown off.[181] Of the old mill there is no trace, the ‘new’ mill is in ruins (meal mill and kiln)” (1964, 244).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4