Tailabout CUP TVX S NO387147 1 362 20m

    Tailabout 1828 SGF
    Tailabout 1832 RHP4397
    Tailabout 1852 CUPMS:1989.141
    Tailabout 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

The name seems to be a humorous reference to the fact that it lies at the very edge of the lands of Tarvit (on the Eden), and thus at a point where the plough must turn. Alternatively, it may be a jocular reference to a saying recorded by MacKay (1896, 270): Neil Gow (presumably the famous musician, 1727–1807) would allegedly tell his dancing pupils at Cupar, in order ‘to get the awkward squad to face properly’:

Turn your tail to Tarvit and your face to Monimail.

    Tailabout is shown as part of the estate of Tarvit in 1852 (CUPMS 1989, 141), and has a field named ‘Skeavy-Brae’, for which see Temple-Hill # CUP, below.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 4