Prestonhall CUP S NO393151 1 362 25m

    Prestonhall 1642 Gordon MS Fife
    Prestonh. 1654 Blaeu (Gordon) Fife
    Preston Hall 1775 Ainslie/Fife
    Prestonhall 1832
    Prestonhall 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

pn Preston + Sc hall

‘The lands of Prestonhall originally formed part of the lands of Thomaston, and previous to 1614 belonged to the Turnbulls of Airdrie [CRA]. ... These lands were acquired by Sir John Preston of Penicuik, Bart, ... Sir John, or some of his descendants, erected a mansion house on the lands, and thence the name was changed to Preston-hall’ (Leighton 1840 ii, 41). A date of 1623 may be preferable, as in that year John Preston, heir of Lady Turnbull, his mother, was confirmed in the lands of Thomastoun, as well as in other lands in Fife, including ‘a lodging (or town-house) and tenement or big mansion beside the burgh of Cupar, with garden, doocot and fishing on the Eden’[171] (Retours (Fife) no. 1560). This ‘big mansion’ may well be the direct predecessor of Prestonhall.

    There is also Preston Lodge near the west end of Bonnygate, Cupar. It was built in 1623 by James Williamson and Isobel Heggie, but bought in 1690 by James Preston of Denbrae LOG, who was related to the Prestons of Prestonhall (Martin 2006, 34, 270 [index under Preston]).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4