Lebanon CUP S NO371149 1 30m

    Lebanon 1801 Sasines no. 6049 [‘Thomas Dall in Sturton (Stirton KLM) in a piece of ground of the Snuffmill Park now called Lebanon, and houses thereon’]
    Mount Lebanon 1810 (April) Dundee Advertiser [new street; cited Martin 2006, 93]
    Lebanon 1820 Wood/Cupar [street-name]
    Lebanon 1845 NSA ix, 20 [Cupar was ‘much extended by the suburbs called the Brae-Heads, New Town, and Lebanon’]
    Lebanon 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn [also Front Lebanon; see discussion, below]

en Lebanon

This is clearly a transferred name, with strong Bibical resonance. However, despite the fact that the name is no older than the early nineteenth century, there is no indication as to the person or the motivation behind its coining. Lebanon, a private housing development, to which there are no references in the Town Council minutes, lay in an area which was called the Snuffmill Park until c.1800 (Sasine no. 6049; Martin 2006, 93). In April 1810 the Dundee Advertiser reported ‘the laying of the foundation of a new street, called Mount Lebanon’, on the north bank of the Lady Burn, ‘with much masonic solemnity’ (cited Martin 2006, 93). By 1820 the street, called simply Lebanon, was to a large extent built up (Wood/Cupar), representing what by 1856 had become known as Front Lebanon (OS 6 inch 1st edn), that part of modern Front Lebanon on the north bank of the Lady Burn. On that same OS map applies the name Lebanon to the whole suburban area between Front Lebanon and modern Back Lebanon, showing also Lebanon Cottage and Lebanon Bank.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4