Ferryfield CUP S NO368139 1

    Feriland 1294 PRO E101/331/1 B [wrongly printed as Freelande in Stevenson, Documents i, 415;  see PNF 5, App. 2]
    Feryfelde 1451 ER v, 467 [Ferryfield and Bondfield # CUP]
    Feryfeyld 1452 RMS ii no. 580 [lands of Bondfield # CUP and Ferryfield]
    Ferifelde 1459 RMS ii no. 686 [Bondfield # and Ferryfield]
    Ferifeld 1489 ER x, 670 [Ferryfield and Bondfield #]

Sc ferry + Sc field

‘Field or land attached to or supporting a ferry’. The eponymous ferry must have crossed the Eden and its marshes about 1.5 km upstream from the bridge at Cupar. There is still a street called Ferryfield in Cupar, the approximate mid-point of which gives the above NGR.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4