Cumming Lands

Cumming Lands * CUP S NO3715 3

    Cumyng Aiker 1530 RSS ii no. 571 [William Lindsay of Pyeston MAI, 1 acre called Cumming Acre on north side of burgh of Cupar; see *Little Dundee CUP]
    Cummyng-landis 1532 RMS iii no. 1190 [William Lindsay of Pyeston MAI, 2 acres of land called the *Budhouse Lands, an acre called Cumming Lands, etc.]
    Cummyngis-aker 1532 RMS iii no. 1190

pn Cumming + Sc land

The surname Cumming or Cumin does not appear in the Fife Ct. Bk.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4