Cart Haugh

Cart Haugh CUP R NO378146 1 20m

    Cart Haugh 1820 Wood/Cupar [marked ‘Town’s Property’]
    Cart Haugh 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc cairt + Sc haugh

Presumably, given its proximity to the market-place, where large quantities of goods and livestock were bought and sold, Cart Haugh was simply the low-lying land on the north side of the river, where traders could park their carts. Cart Haugh is shown on OS 1:10,000 (2007 digital version). In the early 1850s it is described as ‘a grass field south of Cattle Market, it belongs to the Corporation and let for grazing, while the inhabitants retain the right of Bleaching Clothes on it’ (OS Name Book 113, 23).

    The road north out of Cupar to Foulcauseway, which goes on to Rathillet KLM, is referred to as the Cartgait (le cairtgairt, a transcription error for ‘le cairtgait’, Sc gate ‘road’) in a charter of 1593 (confirmed 1595 RMS vi no. 323).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4