Bachlidan # CUP S

    Bachlidan 1667 NAS C3/9 no.142 [or Bathlidan; printed as RMS xi no. 1106; to David Balfour; MS reads: ‘totas et integras terras de Magna et Parva Balgarveis <MML> ... cum communitate de Fairnie Myre <Fernie Myres MML> et communitate morarum de Couper ex orientali et occidentali lateribus de Bachlidan <or Bathlidan> ...’; printed version reads: ‘the lands of Meikle and Little Balgarveis, and pertinents; the commontie of Fairnie-myre and of the moors of Couper on the east and west side of Bachlidan’]

This strange name, which may result from a scribal error, appears only here.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4