Pitfigies # CRC O NO326215 2

    Pitfigies 1838 NSA ix, 645 [see discussion]

? G pett + ?

This is one of two Pit-names first recorded in the parish in modern times, and referring not to a settlement but to an area of land; the other being Pitferdie CRC (q.v.), a short distance north of Parbroath Castle. Pitfigies is only about 500 m south-east of the field on Pittachope FLK which also appears to contain the element pett, that is Pitindus (see s.n., below).

    The local minister writes: ‘It is said that, at a short distance from the castle [of Creich] and a little to the north of the church, formerly stood a brewery, to which was attached a ploughgate of land, denominated Pitfigies’ (1838 NSA ix, 645). A ploughgate is a considerable area of land, about 130 imperial acres.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4