Pitferdie CRC F NO319178 1

    Pitferdie 2002 Oral Source [Mr Campbell Nairn, who owned and farmed Parbroath from 1944 to 1983]

? G pett +

It would be rash to offer an etymology of a Pit-name with no early forms, but the second element is reminiscent of the common OG pn Feradach (gen. Feradaig); of the OG pn Fer-Diad (later Fer-Diadh, Ferdia); and of G fer Dè ‘man of God’.

    A field-name on the farm of Parbroath, it is one of two Pit-names first recorded in the parish in modern times, and referring not to a settlement but to an area of land; the other being Pitfigies CRC (q.v.), just north of Creich Old Kirk.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 4