Green Craig

Green Craig CRC R NO322215 1 351 189m

    the Green Craig 1838 NSA ix, 632
    Greencraig 1838 NSA ix, 633
    the Greencraig 1838 NSA ix, 644 [the fort there built either by the Danes or by the inhabitants against the Danes]
    Green Craig 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc or SSE green + Sc or SSE craig

‘Green rock, cliff’, presumably referring to the rocky cliffs and outcrops that encircle almost the entire summit. Given this aspect of the hill, and its defensibility, it is not surprising that a pre-historic fort was built here, only vague traces now remaining. It is recorded as ‘a citadel or defended enclosure, which probably overlies earlier works, which was built just after the period of Roman occupation’ (NMRS NO32SW 3). The fort on Green Craig is one of several built in this northern stretch of the Ochils, overlooking the Tay: others are (from west to east) Castle Law by Abernethy PER, Black Cairn NBH behind Newburgh, Clatchard Craig ABE, and Norman’s Law DBG.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4