Thoreston # CLS S NO285125 3

    in campo de Thoreston 1248 Lind. Cart. no. 137 [‘in the field of Thoreston’]

pn Thorir + Sc toun

The only Thorir on record from north Fife is one Thorir father of Gamel, the latter of whom witnesses three charters of Earl Duncan II of Fife 1154 × 1172 (St A. Lib. 242–4). I have found no other occurrence of this place-name. It lay either within or adjacent to the vill of Kinloch, near a ford over the Collessie Burn. See CLS Intro., Medieval Landscapes for more details.

    In this charter campus ‘field’ or ‘enclosed ground’ probably refers to the enclosed arable portion otherwise known as the infield.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4