St Thomas Land

St Thomas Land * CLS S NO2413 2

    Sanct-Thomas Croftis 1592 RMS v no. 2053
    lie Sanct Thomas Croftis 1592 NAS C2/38 no. 174 [omitted from printed version RMS v no. 2053; ‘to a certain small burn at the end of the St Thomas Crofts’ (ad quemdam lie Stryp ad finem de lie Sanct Thomas Croftis)
    Sanct-Thomas-land-endis 1593 RMS v no. 2340 [on Wester Rossie march]
    St Thomas Lande endis 1653 RMS x no. 183 col. 3 [see Rossie CLS]

pn St Thomas  + Sc land

Two of the above entries refer to part of the boundary of the lands of Wester Rossie (q.v. below for one of the boundary descriptions), and they place *St Thomas Land on the boundary of Lumquhat and Lumquhat Mill. While *St Thomas Crofts, mentioned in 1592 as part of the boundary of Lumquhat, must refer to the same place (see early forms, above).

    The most likely explanation of this name is that it relates to land on or near the march with the parish of Abernethy PER, the church of which had been given to the abbey of St Thomas in Arbroath by King William in the late twelfth century (RRS ii no. 339).

    However, the existence of this name seems to have given rise to the notion that there was a chapel dedicated to St Thomas near Collessie village; for more details of which, see Chapel Ford, above.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4