Rosselm Cottages

Rosselm Cottages CLS S NO261123 1 50m

    Rosslem Cottages 1969 x 1996 OS 1:10,000 1st metric edn
    Rosslem Cottages 2001 OS Explorer 370

en Rossie + SSE elm

The cottages are shown on various OS maps including OS Pathf. 362 as Rosslem Cottages, but this is an error. According to local information, there were elm trees at the site before these modern buildings were erected in the mid-twentieth century; the first element is presumably a reduced form of Rossie, on whose lands the cottages stand.

/rɔˈsɛlm/, locally also /rɔˈzɛlm/.[116]

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4