Pitlochie # CLS S NO2913 3

    Petclokyn 1235 x 1260 Swinton 1905, 174 (no. 4) [twice; John of Kinloch may build a mill on his land there; see CLS Intro., Collessie, Colzie; for dating see Leuchars LEU]
    Pethclouchyn 1235 x 1264 Swinton 1905, 173–4 (no. 6)
    terras de Petloch 1478 x 1479 RMS ii no. 1414 [Sandilands; see Millhill CLS]
    Pitlochy 1509 RMS ii no. 3363 [Sandilands of Calder (Caldour); various lands including those ‘of the half of Newton of Collessie and Caldwells CLS (or Gaddon CLS?)’ (medietatis Newtoun de Cullessy et Gaudwell), of Shiells CLS, of Bowhouse CLS, of Cleish, and the lands of Pitlair CLS with the mill, of Kirkton of Collessie, of *Millhill, of Pitlochie with its mill]
    Petlochy 1540 RMS iii no. 2168 [Sandilands of Cruivie LOG; ‘lands of Kirkton of Collessie, *Millhill and Pitlochie, with their mill’ (terras de Kirktoun de Cullessy, Mylnehill et Petlochy, cum ipsarum molendino); incorporated into the free barony of Pitlair CLS (q.v.)]
    Pitlochie 1602 Retours (Fife) no. 111 [William Sandilands of St Monans]
    Pitlochie 1642 Retours (Fife) no. 692 [James Sandilands of St Monans]
    Pitlochie 1668 Retours (Fife) no. 1050 [see *Millhill CLS]

G pett + G clach + – in

‘Land-holding at or near a stone’. The eponymous stone (G clach, gen. sing. cloiche) most likely refers to the conspicuous prehistoric standing stone with incised Pictish designs, including the figure of a naked warrior with shield, on the lands of Newton of Collessie, at NO292102 (NMRS NO21SE 18), c.600 m east of Kirkton of Collessie, with which Pitlochie is regularly associated. For more discussion, see CLS Intro., Collessie, Colzie and Colethin.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4