Monkstown CLS S NO3009 1 373 40m

    Monkstone 1822 Rae-Arnot 1911, 335 [see discussion, below]
    Monkstown 1828 SGF
    Monkston 1836 NSA ix, 30 [‘Monkston ... originally called Monks-moss’]
    Monkstown 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

SSE monk + SSE town

This is now part of the nineteenth-century railway town of Ladybank. According to Gillin and Reid, Monkstown, along with Edenstown CLS and Giffordtown CLS, was built after the draining of Rossie Loch and the dispersal of the village of Kinloch, which took place in 1805–06 (1979, 16). The first recorded birth and baptism took place in 1822, that of Christian, daughter of John Christie, weaver in Monkstown (Monkstone), and Christian Hood (Rae-Arnot 1911, 335). In 1840 it contained 24 houses in a row, with 12 feet between each block of four houses. It was originally called Monks-Moss (q.v.; Gillin and Reid 1979, 36–7, 44).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4