Ladybank CLS S NO302102 1 373 45m

    Ladybog 1840 Rae-Arnot 1911, 103
    Ladybank 1843 NAS CH3/61/1/10 [John Petrie of Ladybank; minutes of Kirk Session of Collessie Free Church]
    Ladybog 1844 Rae-Arnot 1911, 139
    Ladybank 1850 Rae-Arnot 1911, 135
    Ladybank 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn
    Ladybank 1864 Rae-Arnot 1911, 129

pn (Our) Lady + SSE bank

According to tradition the monks of Lindores named Mungrey (for which see Minnie’s Green KTT, PNF 2) ‘Our Lady’s Bog’. It later became known as Our Lady’s Bog (Groome’s Gazetteer iv, 449), until 1847, when the Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee Railway Co. opened the new station and chose Ladybank as the new name. After this the old name gradually fell into disuse (Gillin and Reid 1979, 28, 44). They add (loc. cit.) that records dated 1840 make no reference to the town, only to Monkstown.

    Ainslie/East Fife (1827) and SGF (1828) show only forest or scrub on the site of the later village. But the 1828 map shows both Edenstown and Monkstown, the former in the wood, the latter on the wood’s southern edge.

    The population grew from 376 in 1861 to 1,198 in 1891. In 1979 it was 1,250.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 4