Gracecully # CLS S NO259105 2

    Graysculla 1775 Ainslie/Fife
    Grayscullo 1788 Sasines no. 1971
    Grays Cullow 1823 Rae-Arnot 1911, 258 [John Scott, labourer, in Grays Cullow, died 12 March 1823]
    Gracecully 1851 Rae-Arnot 1911, 254 [Christine daughter of the late John Scott, died 10 April 1851; she was from Strathmiglo]

? Sc gray or ? pn Gray + ?

While the first element is probably either Sc gray ‘grey’ or the surname Gray, the second element is a mystery, and it is not even clear whether it begins with s or c. There is a Shetlandic word scolla ‘hut, shed’ SND), which would fit the bill nicely, were it not for the fact that Fife is a long way from Shetland.

    The above NGR is supplied by Rae-Arnot, who describes it as ‘in the north-east angle between the farm road to Dubbs and the road from Dunshelt to Bowhouse’ (1911, 334).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4