Douneheads * CLS S NO253131 2

    Douneheidis 1582 RMS v no. 428 [lands of Lumquhat CLS ‘with pendicles the Lochieheads and *Douneheads’ (cum pendiculis lie Lochheidis et Douneheidis)]
    Dunaheidis 1592 RMS v no. 2053 [one of two pendicles of Lumquhat CLS]

? Sc doun + Sc heid

‘Heads or ends of a hill’? Sc doun(e) (Modern English down, as in South Downs) is very rare in Scots, and according to DOST appears to have been a Middle English borrowing into OSc found only in poetry. The only other occurrence in a Fife place-name is in Snadown # SSL (PNF 3), which may be a literary borrowing.

    It appears, together with Lochieheads, as a pendicle of Lumquhat CLS.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4