Bervie #~ CLS W NO237136 2

    aquam de Bervy 1544 NAS C2/29 no. 188 [twice; forming south march of lands of Lumquaht Mill CLS; omitted in printed version, RMS iii no. 3017]
    water of Bervie 1653 RMS x no. 183, col. 4 [see Lumquhat Mill CLS]

It seems to share the same etymology as the Bervie KCD, which W. J. Watson identifies with Irish Berba, later Bearbha, the Barrow, one of the main rivers in south-east Ireland, from the root found in berbaim ‘I boil’, cf W brwd ‘hot, fervent’ (1926, 469). This is an unlikely name for such a small and short burn, and it may be a transferred name. See also Barroway Burn SLO/AMY, above.

    From boundary clauses relating to the lands of Lumquhat Mill, this name likely refers to the small burn which rises in the north corner of Auchtermuchty Common and runs north-west into the Pitcairlie Burn at NO237136 (hence the above NGR), forming the AMY/CLS boundary along all its short course.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4