Scrogieside # BMO S NO370254 3

    Scrogieside 1596 Campbell 1899, 621 [‘Kilburnis & Scrogieside’ 21 acres]
    Skrogiesyde 1603 RMS vi no. 1411 [in barony of Balmerino]
    Skrogisyde 1614 RMS vii no. 1115
    Scrogieside 1694 Campbell 1899, 632
    Scrogysyd 1694 Campbell 1899, 633 [Laird of Airdit LEU for Scurr BMO and]
    Scrogieside 1775 Ainslie/Fife

Sc scroggie + Sc side

‘Hillside covered with undergrowth or scrogs’, scrog being ‘stunted or crooked bush or tree’, or ‘undergrowth’.

    Ainslie/Fife (1775) shows Scrogieside north of Naughton and east of Kilburns, but this map shows Kilburns too far west. Campbell (1899, 641) says that Scrogieside is west of Kilburns, while names containing Scurr are south of Scroggieside. Hence the NGR given above. Part of Balmerino Abbey lands.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4