Muirkip * BMO R NO3422 2

    Mierkip 1268 NLS Adv. MS 34.5.3, fo 20v [14th c. copy; printed Balm. Lib. no. 56; see BMO Intro., Medieval Marches]
    Murkip 1268 NLS Adv. MS 34.5.3, fo 20v [as preceding]

? Sc mere  or ? Sc muir + Sc kip

‘Boundary kip or kip associated with muir or rough grazing’. One or other of the forms, Mierkip or Murkip, which occur in the same charter and clearly refer to the same place, is the result of scribal error, but the question is, which one? If the former, then the first element is Sc mear, also mere (spelled variously as mer, meir, meyr) ‘boundary’ (DOST under mere), appropriate enough since the feature itself is being used as a boundary marker in the 1268 document; if the latter, then it is Sc muir. The later name Muir Dens BMO (see above) may share the same specific element, as it corresponds closely to the position of Murkip. The fact that it appears as Muir- rather than *Mere/Meir- may simply be the result of assimilation of a word found very rarely in place-names to one which is very common, a process which we might already see at work in the fourteenth-century copy of the 1268 document.

    The second element is Sc kip ‘a jutting or projecting point on a hill, a peak’ (CSD), the earliest attestation of this word.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4