Lorimer’s Well

Lorimer’s Well # BMO W NO3524 3

    Loiremereiswoll 1588 RMS v no. 1608 [see Crossfaulds # BMO for full text]
    Lorymeiriswoll 1588 RMS v no. 1608 [see Crossfaulds # BMO]

pn Lorimer or Sc lorimer + Sc wall

‘A well associated with a person or family called Lorimer or with a lorimer’; Sc lorimer is ‘a maker of the metal parts of a horse’s harness, a maker of small metal-work’ (CSD).

    Campbell (1899, 661) mentions 1 acre called Lorimer’s Well Acre feued by Abbot Robert to John Boyter (Boytour) in 1544. See also Campbell 1899, 276.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4