Leadwells # BMO S NO357242 2

    Leidwollis 1588 RMS v no. 1608 [see Crossfaulds # BMO, above]
    ( 2 acres of the lands of) Ledwallis 1602 RMS vi no. 1323 [see discussion]
    Leadwells 1694 Campbell 1899, 632
    Leadwells 1775 Ainslie/Fife

Sc lade + Sc wall

‘Wells supplying a lade or channel’. Campbell remarks that ‘the Abbey itself was probably supplied with water from the ‘Ladewells’ in the face of the hill to the south of it’ (1899, 303). The eponymous lade or water-channel (Latin aqueductus) is mentioned twice in the 1588 charter in which Leadwells is first recorded, for details of which see Crossfaulds # BMO, above.

    The two acres of the lands of Leadwells ‘with their tofts and crofts’ feued by the king to David Leitch in 1602 are described as follows: ‘lying between the lands formerly occupied by the said late Richard Wilson to the east, the Crossfaulds # to the south, the lands formerly occupied by the late Alexander Cockburn and David Ramsay to the west, (and) the above-mentioned lade to the north’[89] (NAS C2/43 no. 184, with material omitted from RMS vi no. 1323).

    Campbell sites it south of Byres, where he describes it as a small farm of 29 acres (ibid. 642).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4