Kirkhills # BMO FGN S NO389251 3

    Kiekhillis 1597 RMS vi no. 637 [error for Kirkhillis]
    Kirkhills 1637 Campbell 1899, 630

Sc kirk + Sc hill

There does not seem to be a church or chapel nearby which could have given rise to the name, and so it is likely that these hills lay on or beside land belonging to a church, presumably that of Balmerino Abbey. Campbell suggests that it took its name from the site of the medieval chapel of Naughton (1899, 66), although this is unlikely (see FGN Intro., Forgan and Naughton, below).

    Campbell locates Kirkhills ‘on the present farm of Peasehills [Peacehill BMO] … being the knolls south of the present cottages’ (ibid. 641).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4