Kilmundy BUI S NT218865 3

Kilmundy Hill 1828 RHP1287
Kilmundy Park 1869 RHP3329
Kilmundy Quarry 1869 RHP3329

G ceann + G monadh + ? - in

‘(At the) head or end of the hill or muir (rough grazing)’. The name survives on OS Pathf. as Kilmundy Hill (NT217865, 105m), a long and conspicuous whale-back hill, the eponymous monadh, which stretches from Walton eastwards almost to Grange. Despite the lack of early forms, the etymology of this name is fairly certain, given its frequent occurrence in various forms throughout eastern Scotland (see Barrow 1998). In 1869 it formed part of the land of Grange. It may have been the older name for either Walton or Grange.


This place-name appeared in printed volume 1