Crossfaulds # BMO S NO358236 3

    ( 4 acres of) Crossfaulds or Corsefields 1546 Campbell 1899, 661
    Corsfauldis 1572 RMS iv no. 2102 [½ Crossfaulds except 2 acres to west]
    terras de Crosfaldis 1588 RMS v no. 1608 [see discussion for full details]
    Crocefauld 1598 RMS vi no. 702 [see Battle Law BMO]
    Crocefauldis 1602 NAS C2/43 no. 184 [printed as RMS vi no. 1323, which has Crocefauld; for context see Bottomcraig BMO]
    Corsfauldis 1631 RMS viii no. 1723 [confirmed to Michael Balfour of Grange]
    lie Crocefauld 1634 RMS ix no. 47
    Crossfaulds or Corsefaulds 1899 Campbell 1899, 642

Sc cross + Sc fauld

‘Folds or enclosed pieces of ground at or near a cross’. While Sc cross can mean both ‘cross’ and ‘crossing, lying across’ (see for example Corston SLO, below), the former meaning of ‘cross’ (probably a wooden or stone way-side cross marking the approach to the abbey) is confirmed by a charter of 1588, in which the eponymous cross is mentioned twice, along with the lands of Crossfaulds. This charter, issued by the king, records the feuing of various Balmerino Abbey lands to members of the Kinnear family, including Henry Kinnear the commendator of the abbey, and Christine Beaton his spouse. It contains a considerable amount of detail about this part of BMO, and it is worth reproducing its relevant section in full: ‘the Wood of Balmerino,[81] the lands of Woodflat # BMO extending to 5 acres (viz 4 acres between the toun of Byres BMO, the lade and the wood, and 1 acre between the said lade and the wood), the lands of Harlands extending to 4 acres (of which the fourth acre called Lorimer’s Well lay between the common road to the cross, the Byres bridge and the lade), the lands of Crossfaulds BMO extending to 4 acres (between the road from the said cross to the said bridge, Newgrange BMO and Leadwells # BMO), a piece of land called the Barn Yard with customary common pasture, and with the power of keeping and grazing on the said lands of Woodflat, Harlands, Lorimer’s Well extending to 9 acres, and Barn Yard, 9 cows with calves, 4 acres of Harlands and Woodflat, in the lordship of Balmerino’ (RMS v no. 1608).[82]

    According to Campbell (1899, 642) Crossfaulds lay between ‘Cleikamscleuch and Priorwell’ i.e. between Battle Law and Priorwell, hence above NGR.

    The OS 6 inch 1st revision (1888 × 1914) shows Coarse Brae, the road running south from Byres to Coultra past Coarsebrae Quarry (NO356238). Here Sc cors ‘cross’ has apparently been assimilated to SSE coarse.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4