Byres BMO S NO356243 1 351 40m NEF

    Outfeild de Byris 1569 x 1572 RMS iv no. 2102 [quarter of ‘outfield of Byres’ except the fauld called Craigingrugie’s Fauld # BMO, q.v.]
    villam de Byreis 1588 RMS v no. 1608
    lie Byreis-pontem 1588 RMS v no. 1608 [see Crossfaulds # BMO]
    Byris 1603 RMS vi no. 1411 [in barony of Balmerino]
    Byres 1614 RMS vii no. 1115 [‘... Skrogisyde et Byres ...’]
    Byres of Balmerino 1631 Campbell 1899, 629
    Bires 1775 Ainslie/Fife
    Byres 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc byre

Campbell states that teinds west of Byres of Balmerino were feued by the abbey in 1544, but gives no source (1899, 244); he also states that in 1596 Byres of Belmerinoch extended to 30 acres of arable (ibid. 621).

    In 1723 one Margaret Roberton in Byres of Balmerino is reported to have gone “to nine wells on the Road-day[75] morning to take away her neighbour’s milk” (Campbell 1899, 462). It is not clear where nine wells was, but its association with an inhabitant of Byres suggests it may have been nearby. For more on this incident, see PNF 5, Elements Glossary, under nine.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4