Laing’s Land

Laing’s Land * AMY S NO2211 3

    Langisland 1510 RMS ii no. 3427 [‘called the Ward’ (vocat. le Ward)]
    Layngisward 1510 RMS ii no. 3454 [occupied by John Laing (Layng), associated with Reedie AMY]
    Layngisland 1529 RMS iii no. 760 col. 2 [‘called Ward of Demperston AMY’ (vocat. Warde de Dempstertoun); see SLO Intro., The Scotts and Strathmiglo]
    Langisland 1535 RMS iii no. 1472 [see *Cairnie SLO]
    Layngisland 1548 RMS iv no. 200 [‘called the Ward of Demperston’ (vocat. le Ward de Dempstertoun)]

pn Laing + Sc land

The first charter of 1510 cited above (RMS ii no. 3427) shows that Laing’s Land is also known as the Ward. The other charter of 1510 is a grant to Henry Ramsay and his heirs of the lands of Reedie (Redy) AMY and *Laing’s Ward (Layngisward). The lands of Reedie had formerly been occupied by one Andrew Ramsay and *Laing’s Ward had been occupied and claimed by John Laing. However, it was found by the Lords of Council that they were in the hands of the king ‘by reason of non-entry’ (ratione nonintroitus); and that their rents, having lapsed for fifty years, that is the rents (firme) of Reedie running to 20 merks a year, and the rent of Laing’s Ward running to 6 merks a year, belonged to the king; and the said lands for the said sums were assigned to the king. Furthermore, the king, as a special favour, incorporated the said lands ‘into one tenandry’ (in unam tenendriam) (RMS ii no. 3454).

    There would seem to be two portions of land, both tenanted by the Laing family in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century (and probably earlier), and both taking their names from that family. One portion was attached to Reedie AMY (called *Laing’s Ward), the other to Demperston AMY (called *Laing’s Land). Since these two older estates are contiguous, it is quite possible that the two portions were also contiguous. The Laing family were still in the area a century later, with Patrick Laing (Patricio Layng) appearing as a portionar in Bondhalf AMY (RMS vii no. 1397, col. 5).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4