Jarvislands # AMY S NO238118 2

    terra Gervasii 1294 Stevenson, Documents i, 416 [‘from the mill of the same place (i.e. Auchtermuchty), with Gervase’s land, yearly’ (de molendino ejusdem loci per annum, cum terra Gervasii) a rent of £14 13 s. 4 d. is paid to earl of Fife]
    Gervasland 1451 ER v, 468
    Gervesland 1517 RMS iii no. 168 [part of the lands of Auchtermuchty being erected into a barony]
    Jarveslandis 1557 RMS iv no. 1137 [Henry Robertson and Elizabeth Stirk, the eastern half of the lands of Jarvislands]
    terras Roberti Stirk alias Jarvesland 1556 RMS iv no. 1137 [‘the lands of Robert Stirk alias Jarvisland’]
    Gerusland c.1560 s Assumption, 33
    Gerwesland 1586 RMS v no. 1041 [Richard Stirk and John Sexton (Sextoun)]
    Jerouslandis 1587 RMS v no. 1372 [‘lie Grevis-pundland, Jerouslandis’, one an alternative form of the other?]
    Irresland 1591 RMS v no. 1946 [Richard Stirk]
    Jerrisland de Auchtermuchtie 1616 RMS vii no. 1397 col. 8 [the western half of the lands of Jarvisland of Auchtermuchty, extending to 2 merks]
    Wester Jarvislands of Auchtermuchty 1811 Sasines no. 9042 [‘... and pieces of land called Earlsmeadow and Grass Qua’]

pn Gervase + Sc land

The eponymous Gervase, a tenant of the earl of Fife, is first mentioned in 1294, although he may well have been dead by this time, his land being associated with the mill of Auchtermuchty (Stevenson, Documents i, 416). On a plan of lands belonging to the burgh of Auchtermuchty of 1823 a well called Jerveswell is shown close to the east bank of the Auchtermuchty Burn just north of the bridge taking Kilnheugh (Killshugh),[56] the street running down from the Market Square, over the burn (RHP531). This contains the same personal name as Jarvisland, and is very likely to have lain on that land. This supplies the above NGR.

    There appears to be a name containing the same elements in Dunfermline (Garwasland DFL 1581 RMS v no. 185).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4