Hill Of Auchtermuchty

Hill Of Auchtermuchty # AMY R NO2112 1

    in monte de Hill de Auchtermuchtie 1591 RMS v no. 1946
    cum pleno jure communitatis in monte de Auchtermuchtie 1609 RMS vii no. 117 [‘with full right of commons in the Hill of Auchtermuchty’]
    Hills of Auchtermuchtie 1633 RMS xi no. 476 [‘common rights on the hills of Auchtermuchtie and the lands called Whytfeild’]
    Auchtermuchty hill 1722 Geog. Coll. i, 296 [‘On the N.W. of Auchtermuchty there is a great congeries of hills called Auchtermuchty hill through which to the N.W. is the King’s high road to Perth. These are common to all the inhabitants and usefull for pastorage of sheep and black cattle: in some parts of that hill there are caves supposed to be made or digg’d by the ancient Picts, but for the most part filled up with earth’][52]
    Auchtermuchty Hill 1775 Ainslie/Fife [a settlement near OS Pathf. Newhill]
    Hills of Auchtermuchty 1803 Sasines no. 6566 [‘lands lying in the Hills of Auchtermuchty called Inchshanks with commonty in the Hills of Auchtermuchty and lands called Whitefield’]
    Hill of Auchtermuchty 1819 Sasines no. 12692 [parts of the Hill of Auchtermuchty now called Clameduff and the dwelling-house thereon’]

Sc hill + Sc of + en Auchtermuchty

This name refers to the common lands in the north-west corner of the parish, which include Broom Hill, Clamieduff Hill New Hill and Demperston Hill. Its boundaries are described in the charter of 1591 (see AMY Intro. for relevant text and translation), and mostly seem to coincide with the north-western parish boundary of AMY. It is one of two important areas of commonty in the parish, the other being Whitefield # (q.v.).

    The NGR given is for Demperston Hill, which is the highest part of the hilly area of the parish called *Auchtermuchty Hill in the documents.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4