Herald Law

Herald Law AMY R NO236124 1 362 100m

    Hairal Law 1804 Sasines no. 6817
    Hairal Law 1814 Sasines no. 10,214 [part of Broombrae, q.v., where associated with Hollow Law]
    Herald Law 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc herald + Sc law

‘Hill associated with a herald’, OSc har(r)ald, haroll etc (DOST), the eponymous herald being probably the Snowdon Herald, one of the heralds attached to the Scottish court.[50] In 1558 the queen granted to John Paterson (Patersoun) ‘alias the Snowdon Herald’ (alias Snawdoun Heraldo), and Agnes Ayton (Aytoun) his spouse, various lands scattered throughout the territory of Auchtermuchty, on or beside one of which was presumably Herald Law. For the complete list of these lands, see p. 109, above. Already in 1451 the Snowdon Herald held land in the neighbouring parish of Collessie, since the royal exchequer records rents amounting to £14 paid for ‘the lands of Collessie in the hands of the Snowdon Herald’ (terrarum de Cullessy existencium in manibus Snawdoun heraldi) (ER v, 473); while in 1488 a (third?) part of the (crown) lands of Murdochcairnie KLM (q.v.) were rented out to Thomas Inglis following the death of the previous tenant, the Snowdon Herald (ER x, 647).[51]

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4