Drumreichnach * S NO2311 4

    Drumreichlak 1510 RMS ii no. 3427 [one of lands granted to Wm Scott of Balwearie; listed Demperston AMY, Kilboisland AMY?, Scolloland AMY?, *Drumreichnach, *Laing’s Land AMY called the Ward, Reedie AMY]
    Drumreichnak 1529 RMS iii no. 760 col. 2 [Scott of Balwearie, in barony of Strathmiglo; Kilboisland AMY?, Scolloland # AMY?, Reedie AMY, *Drumreichnach, *Laing’s Land AMY called the Ward of Demperston AMY; see SLO Intro., The Scotts and Strathmiglo, below, for full context]
    Drumrethmak 1535 NAS C2/25 no. 189 [or Drumrethinak; printed as RMS iii no. 1472, which has Drumrechmak; see *Cairnie SLO, below, for Latin text]
    Drumreiknauch 1548 RMS iv no. 200 [to Scott of Balwearie: Demperston with mill, Kilboisland, Scolloland AMY?, Reedie AMY, *Drumreichnach AMY, and common grazing belonging to these lands in common muir of Auchtermuchty]
    Drumrichnak 1580 Retours (Fife) ii no. 1456 [Scott of Balwearie, in land and barony of Strathmiglo including ‘Scollowland, Redy, Drumrichnak, Laingisland vocata Wairde, Dempstertoun’; only occurrence in Retours (Index)]

G druim + ?

A name of G origin, containing G druim ‘ridge’, the second element is obscure, partly because of the variation in early forms as a result of scribal or editorial error. The most likely underlying form is *Drumreichnach, suggesting a word such as *rechnach or *frechnach. If the latter, then a derivation from G fraoch ‘heather’ is a possibility, with n-extension and adjectival ending –ach. See also the discussion under Pitrachnie KTT, PNF 2.

    As is seen from the early forms, above, *Drumreichnach is always grouped with lands which are certainly or probably in AMY, which is why it is assigned to this parish. There is no indication as to where more precisely it may have lain.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4