Crosshills AMY S NO237115 1

    (John Stewart of) Corshill 1612 RMS vii no. 648 [king feus to John Stewart (Steuart) of Crosshills ‘a pound-land of the south quarter of the town and lands of’ (libratam terram australis quarterie ville et terrarum de) Auchtermuchty]
    liberam tenandriam de Corshill 1612 RMS vii no. 648 [king creates the free tenandry of Crosshills in favour of John Stewart]
    lie Corshill 1612 RMS vii no. 648
    tenandriam de Corshillis 1616 RMS vii no. 1397 col. 9 [to Andrew Bickerton (Bickartoun) portionar there, the tenandry of Crosshills comprising ‘5-pound-lands of the said south quarter’ (5 libratas terrarum dicte australis quarterie), which John Stewart has resigned]
    Corsehills 1817 Sasines no. 11734 [‘Patrick George Sherve <an error for Skene?> of Hallyards, formerly Patrick George Moncrieff of Reidie ... in the lands and barony of Myres; parts of the lands in Corsehills, viz. OrchardflatBugel ButtsAshmabee, Inchunee and Inchunee Butts, the lands of Netherfield of Auchtermuchty called Wards, par. of Auchtermuchty’]

Sc cross + Sc hill

‘Hill(s) lying across’; the modern street of this name cuts across the southern slope of the rising ground on which the burgh of Auchtermuchty stands.

    The name survives in the street-name Crosshills, off the Low Road.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4