Siller Loch

Siller Loch # ABE W NO267168 1

    the Sillar Lake 1790s OSA, 12 [see discussion]
    Childer’s Loch 1854 OS Name Book 49, 48 [‘site of’; as such in Cols. 1 and 2; scored out in Col. 2 and Siller Loch (‘site of’) inserted; similarly 49, 7 and 8]
    Siller Loch 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn [‘site of’, indicating loch has disappeared]
    Siller Loch 1888 x 1914 OS 6 inch 1st revision [‘site of’]
    Siller Loch 1948 x 1977 OS 6 inch 1st Imperial edn [‘site of’]

Sc siller + Sc loch

‘Silver loch’, now drained; see Bowstard Loch ABE for further discussion. Concerning the origin of the name, the local minister, writing in 1790s, states: ‘Near the village of Lindores are pointed out the supposed remains of a castle, said to have belonged to the celebrated McDuff, Thane of Fife. Tradition adds, that in the view of its being demolished, much of the plate and wealth of it were cast into an adjoining lake, still known by the name of the Sillar Lake’ (OSA, 12). The alternative name Childer’s Loch, found at least four times in OS Name Books (see early forms, above), reflects another tradition, that in the reign of Malcolm Canmore one or two of Macduff’s children, along with a servant, were accidentally drowned in this loch ‘called to this day the Childers Loch’, with Childers scored through and Siller written above (49, 8).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4