Mares Craig

Mares Craig ABE R NO250178 1 75m

    Mariscrag 1541 RMS iii no. 2460 [‘Mariscrag, Dene et Dene-bray’; Balfour of Denmylne, common grazing on; see Denmylne ABE, discussion]
    Mariscraig 1646 RMS ix no. 1691 [‘Mariscraig, Den et Denbrae’]
    (pasture in) Muirie, Craigden, Denbrae 1674 Retours (Fife) no. 1134 [probably an error for Mariscraig, Den, Denbrae as 1541 and 1646, above]
    (pasture in) Mariescraigden 1675 Retours (Fife) no. 1143 [probably for Mariescraig, Den; see above]
    Maries Craigden 1808 Sasines no. 8054 [‘... Maries Craigden, Denbrae and the field called Etchill in the Swardslands ...’; see above]
    Mare Craig 1828 SGF
    Mares Craig 1856 OS 6 inch 1st edn

? pn Mary + Sc craig

The name is probably connected with the nearby Maryscroft #, which appears as Marie Croft (CregendMarie Croft, Segis, Almerey Cruk) listed in the Lindores Abbey rental of c.1480 as printed in Laing 1876 (416). The Seggis and the Marie Croft, tofts of the Craig Myln (Craig Mill ABE), are listed in the same rental about a hundred years later (ibid. 419), while in 1600 it appears as Maryscroft (RMS vi no. 1032 col. 2). Laing states that The Marie Croft ‘seems to have lain near the precincts of the Abbey’, and insists that Maries Craig is the correct form of the name of the craig now known as Mares Craig (1876, 446). It is plausible, therefore, that Mares Craig contains the personal name Mary, with reference to St Mary, who was one of the chief dedicatory saints of the nearby abbey.

    See p. 63, above, for a note on the early Christian bell found here in 1926.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4