Cunninghole # ABE S NO242178 2

    Cuninghols 1590 x 1599 Pont MS 54B
    croft<a> in Cunninghoillis 1603 RMS vii no. 1030
    toftam de lie Cunnynghoillis 1617 RMS vii no. 1721
    Cuning-hols c.1636 x 1652 Gordon MS 54A
    croftam terre in lie Cunyngholles 1646 RMS ix no. 1691
    Cun<n>inghols 1654 Blaeu (Pont) East Fife
    croft lands of Cunninghole 1808 Sasines no. 8054

Sc cuning + Sc hole or Sc holl

‘Rabbit holes or hollows’. Note also Cunningares ABE, above. It would appear to be the same place as later Muttonhole q.v. These two place-names referring to rabbits are probably the vernacular names for the two rabbit warrens of Lindores Abbey mentioned in 1564 in a charter by which the abbot of Lindores feued to James Philip and Margaret Forret of Ormiston i.a. ‘the White Park and two rabbit warrens viz the nether warren lying within the bounds of Ormiston [probably Cunninghole] and the east warren lying within the bounds of Grange of Lindores [probably Cunningares]’ (lie Quhitepark et duo cunicularia viz cunicularium occiduum intra limites de Ormistoun jacens, et cunicularium orientale jacens intra limites de Grange) (confirmed 1575 RMS iv no. 2394).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4