Bowstard Loch

Bowstard Loch ABE W NO264171 1 362 70m

    Bowstard Loch 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn [‘site of’]

? + Sc loch

Bowstard may represent Sc bowster, the equivalent of English bolster, which can mean ‘wheelshaft in a watermill’ (CSD). It had been drained by the time of the first OS (1850s), but is now a loch again. OS Name Book (49, 8) contains the following descriptive remarks: ‘The site of a Loch on the farm of Lindores, it is now drained and under cultivation. It is locally said to have been formerly connected by an artificial cutting with the Dog Loch, the Sillers Loch[21] and Lindores Loch as a fortification round Macduff’s Castle. The cutting had floodgates – hence the name Lindores,[22] also a drawbridge. There is no remains of the Cutting or drawbridge’ (See also NMRS NO21NE 21, Lindores Castle).

    The above NGR is of the central point.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4