Bonytoun # ABE S NO270170 2

    Bondington 1261 Lind. Cart. no. 114 [also Bondyngton; see discussion, below]
    Bonytoun 1646 RMS ix no. 1691 col. 3 [the teinds (decimis) ... of the lands of Inchrye ABE and Bonytoun belonging to John Spence ... in the parish of Abdie]

Sc bond + Sc toun

‘Farm of peasant-farmer(s)’. For more on bond, see Elements Glossary, PNF 5. The editors of Lind. Cart. fail to identify Bondington of the 1261 charter, and it does not appear in Laing 1876 Index. In the long 1646 confirmation charter (RMS ix no. 1691) the mill of Denmylne was confirmed to Sir Michael Balfour of Denmylne, along with i.a. the astrict multure of the toun (villa) of Auld Lindores (Auld Lindoris) and the free multure of the toun of Inchrye ABE, with which later in the same charter Bonytoun is associated. It is probably significant that in the 1261 charter the lands of Lindores and Bondington (as well as Kinloch CLS and the land of the late Geoffrey Maupetit)[20] were all freed from thirlage to the abbey mill (of Craig Mill ABE), to which they owed ‘suit and multure as if to the mill of the shire of Lindores [i.e. Denmylne ABE]’ (ad sectam et multuram tanquam ad molendinum scyre de Lundors), for an annual payment of 33 s. 4 d. sterling (Lind, Cart. no. 114). In 1541 the mill of Denmylne (the mill of the secular lord of Lindores) is one of two mills at which the corn of Inchrye was to be ground; the other being at Woodmill ABE (RMS iii no. 2408). I would therefore conclude that the land of Bondington mentioned in 1261 included the land of Inchrye.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4