Pow Of Lindores

Pow Of Lindores ABE/NBH W NO241188 1 362 0m

    Pow 1703 Adair/Sea-Coast (Tay) [immediately north of Lundors]
    Pou of Lundores 1722 Geog. Coll. i, 305 [‘a pretty good haven for ships’; ‘from this to the pou of Erroll which lyes opposite to it is a common ferrie each side keeping two boats’]
    Pow of Lindores 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc pow + en Lindores

Sc pow is ‘a slow-moving stream, creek or pool’ (CSD, see also discussion under Gillies Burn, above). It refers here to the broad, slow-flowing lower end of the burn which flows from Loch of Lindores through the Den of Lindores into the Tay. Strangely, this burn is not named on any OS map, although Burn of Lindores might be expected, analogous with Den of Lindores and Loch of Lindores, which is how OS Pathf. Lindores Loch is often referred to locally. It is this burn which defines the eastern boundary of the land which Earl David granted to Lindores Abbey at its foundation in the early 1190s, though again it is not named (‘all the land on the west side of the burn which runs down from the big loch (Lindores Loch) to the Tay’ (totam/omnem terram ab occidentali parte rivuli descendentis de magno lacu usque in They) (RRS ii no. 363 = Lind. Cart. no. 138; Stringer 1985 no. 44 = Lind. Cart. no. 2).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4