Lady Burn

Lady Burn CUP/MML W NO378145 1 362 20m

    Lady-burne 1595 RMS vi no. 323 [‘the *Skinner Ford of the burn called Lady Burn’ (the Skynner-furde torrentis vocati Lady-burne)]
    Cuperburne 1594 x 1595 RMS vi no. 338 [one of marches of Pittencrieff CUP]
    Lady Burne 1642 Gordon MS Fife [Cupar plan]
    Stream of St Mary 1790s OSA, 213
    a small rivulet called St Mary’s or the Lady Burn 1840 Leighton ii, 5
    St Mary’s Burn 1840 Leighton ii, 8 [‘The castle, surrounded by the marshy grounds which bordered the Eden and St Mary’s Burn, was anciently a place of considerable strength’]

pn (Our) Lady + Sc burn

One of several features in the local toponymy which took its name from the cult of St Mary, who was patroness of the parish kirk of CUP (see CUP Intro.).

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4