Gillies Burn

Gillies Burn ~ ANY/NBH W NO212183 1 362 0m

    Gillies Pow 1723 Geog. Coll. i, 304 [the western limit of NBH, separating land of Carpow on the west and Mugdrum on the east]
    Gillies Burn 1866 OS 6 inch 1st edn [PER sheet]

? pn Gillies + Sc burn or Sc pow

The earlier form of the name contains Sc pow ‘slow-moving burn’, which must refer to its mouth on the tidal Firth of Tay (cf Pow of Lindores 3 km to the east).

    The burn forms the county boundary (FIF/PER) for all of its course, whence its local name ‘the County Burn’.[4] It also forms part of the marches of Easter Clunie ANY PER, Carpow ANY PER and Mugdrum NBH, ANY.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4