Cleughie Burn

Cleughie Burn ~ KLM/LOG W NO392219 1 351 20m

    Cluthie <Burn> 1845 NSA ix, 534 (Kilmany) [‘Its name is Cluthie or Colluthie ... Its whole course is little more than a mile’]
    Colluthie <Burn> 1845 NSA ix, 534 [or Cluthie; see preceding]
    Cleughie Burn 1855 OS 6 inch 1st edn

Sc cleugh + Sc burn

Given that this burn is over 3 km distant from Colluthie MNZ, it is unlikely to be named after it, despite the alternative forms Colluthie <Burn>, which was probably an assimilation of the original Cleughie to a known settlement-name in the area. The name of the burn is more likely to contain an otherwise unattested adjective *cleughie from Sc cleugh ‘cliff, crag’, referring to the sharp drop of the ground north-east of Rathillet, where the Cleughie Burn rises.

    The NSA account cited above states that It is the boundary betwixt Kilmany and the estate of Forret in Logie parish’. It flows into the Motray Water at the NGR given above, close to Kilmany kirk.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4