Browndod # LEU/LOG R NO4121 3

    Brountod 1529 RMS iii no. 797 [the lands of Lucklaw (Luklaw) LEU ‘with the hill called Lucklawhill and Browndod’ (cum monte de Luklawhill and Brountod nuncupat.) to William Ramsay of Brackmont LEU and Helen Bruce his spouse]
    Broundod 1540 RMS iii no. 2114 col. 2 [Leuchars-Ramsay; see LEU Intro., Lordship and Baronies]
    Broundod 1567 Retours (Fife) no. 63 [Leuchars-Ramsay]
    Brountod 1602 Retours (Fife) no. 125 [see Lucklaw LEU]
    Broundod 1647 Retours (Fife) no. 729 [Forbes portionar of Kilmany, in the lands of Lucklaw (Lucklaw) with its Hill and Craig called Browndod]
    Browndod 1672 Retours (Fife) no. 1116 [Janet Ramsay, the lands of Lucklaw ‘with their mount and hill’ (cum monte et colle earundem) called Browndod]

Sc broun + Sc dod

‘Brown rounded hill’. Sc dod is defined in (SND 1) as ‘a bare hill with a rounded top’, adding that it is found also in northern English dialect. This same entry notes a place called Broundod, Glencorse MLO recorded 1337.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 4