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Winchester Farm 1945 x 1959 gravestone [of James Whyte (d. 1945) and his wife Constance McFarlane (d. 1959), Boarhills Kirkyard]

pn Winchester

Formerly called Polduff, q.v., it acquired the name Winchester in the twentieth century, between 1927 (when it still appears with its old name, Polduff, on the OS 1 inch ‘Popular’ edn map) and 1945 (when James Whyte of Winchester Farm died). It was Whyte who changed the name of Polduff to Winchester[340] in virtue of its connection with the Winchester family since at least the seventeenth century.

The settlement has since undergone another name-change. It appears on OS Pathf. 1985 as Winchester, but on OS Explorer (2001) it is shown as Balmashie (q.v.). The name continues in local use in reference to ‘Winchester Straight’, the nearby main road between Kinglassie and Kingask.

This place-name appeared in printed volume 3